Inclusive Technology

The Inclusive Design Research Centre was created as Canada’s first research hub focused on digital inclusion. It is adding new approaches to learning that are championing cross-disciplinary practice, collaboration, and the integration of emerging technologies. ET Group worked to create inclusively designed technologically capable rooms that would further their research.

Making Inclusivity a Global Event

ETG’s engineers, project managers, and IDRC’s designers worked collaboratively to maximize impact and create true innovation and digital transformation. The work of the IDRC is about making inclusive design a global event, and these technology solutions allow them to connect on a global scale, furthering their research. The University required a system that was flexible and easy to use without being obtrusive. However most A/V technology isn’t normally inclusively manufactured.

ET Group overcame this challenge by providing a completely custom platform that maximized flexibility and inclusivity while weaving people, space, and technology together seamlessly.

Technology Solutions Installed:
  • Assistive Listening System
  • Connectivity: Air Media
  • HD Large Format Displays
  • HD PTZ (Pan, Tilt, & Zoom) Cameras
  • Crestron Touch Panel Control System
  • Inclusive Wireless Microphones
  • Interactive Dynamic Video

Project Photos:

“We wanted a system that would reflect our research, which shows that everybody learns differently.”

Jess Mitchell
Senior Manager, Research + Design, Inclusive Design Research Centre


The Result

Implementing this kind of technology was a great opportunity for the IDRC to pursue their research. Remote collaboration encourages people to think about inclusion. Whenever there is a colleague that is up on the screen and not sitting next to the rest of the participants, they have to think about what that remote participant is missing from the experience of being physically in the classroom. They then have to describe and include that person in a way they wouldn’t have to if everybody was in the same room. It increases awareness and increases empathy, it increases the opportunity for each person to choose how they are going to learn and work.

The experience has impacted their research on the metacognition level, getting people to explore more about themselves and how they learn well, what works for them, what kind of environment they need. There are no fewer than 3 ways to do the same thing in the rooms and observing the way people choose to do things and finding what is more comfortable for them has opened new doors to discovering better ways to be inclusive.


People, Space, & Technology

It is our core belief that when people, spaces, and technology are woven together, collaboration accelerates and breakthrough innovations surface seamlessly. We are change makers, tapping into our deep and diverse innovative expertise to bring forth breakthrough digital solutions and enriched value.

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Crestron Panel
Crestron Panel
Screen Array