The Classroom
of the Future

The future of the classroom is a dynamic and trendy topic. Many institutions are engaging in conversations on technology shaping the way we learn. But what happens when a professor, a department and a forward thinking University put their talk into action?

Building the Classroom of the Future

The Lassonde School of Engineering at York University built a classroom that truly embraces technology.  In wanting to change the way the engineering students learned, they engaged ET Group to build a classroom to meet their needs. They were able to build a successful prototype for the Engineering School and the University embraced a new style of learning.

The goal was to build a virtual classroom environment that would centre around a multi-touch display that would connect professors and students virtually while maintaining the succinctness of a traditional classroom setting. The muti-touch display adds a new dimension by allowing for interactive learning and teaching. At the touch of a finger you can enlarge or reduce the size of presentations, present HD video, link to the internet, edit documents in real time, introduce remote participants, interact as a whiteboard among many other features. 

Technology Solutions:
  • Clarity Matrix MultiTouch Video Wall
  • Large Format Displays
  • High Definition Video Cameras
  • Audio Equipment
  • Microphones

Project Photos:

“I believe this is true innovation to teaching and learning.”

Spiros Pagiatakis
Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies, Lassonde School of Engineering


The Result

Creating the virtual classroom has had a tremendous impact on the teaching and learning. Professor Pagiatakis explains, “It has changed the way we think about teaching. It has changed the approach we take to deliver concepts to the students. It has changed the way students participate in their learning and the experience that they get in learning in a way that is interactive.” Creating flexible learning approaches to meet all of the students needs, allowing them to access information on their time, is not going to be a luxury in the near future, but a requirement. “We have to adapt to the most effective learning processes, especially to the way the younger generation is approaching things and learning things. Seeing technology and understanding that the impacts will be far reaching and profound on these students and their careers.”


People, Space, & Technology

It is our core belief that when people, spaces, and technology are woven together, collaboration accelerates and breakthrough innovations surface seamlessly. We are change makers, tapping into our deep and diverse innovative expertise to bring forth breakthrough digital solutions and enriched value.

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The Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch LCD video wall
The Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch LCD video wall
The Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch LCD video wall